The Benefits for Home Buyers are greatest when they have a Buyer’s Agent or Buyer’s Broker working as their Real Estate Advocate. The Best Home Search & Savings Center we create help Home Buyers locate such Real Estate Advocates to join our Nationwide Network. You will find our system features highly rated Realtors that can offer you offer Professional Representation plus Substantial Savings when Buying your home.

Exclusive, Certified, and/or Accredited Buyer Representatives are trained to represent your best interests throughout the home buying process.  Home Buyer Benefits can also include Home Buyer Rebates in at least 40-States and the District of Columbia. Our Network Buyer Brokers are affiliated with at least one of the following consumer-focused, time and money savings websites:

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  Since the 1980’s, there have a number of Independent Surveys completed comparing the advantages and buyer benefits of using the services of real estate Buyers Brokers or Buyer’s Agents vs. the Traditional real estate sales agents. Perhaps the best is this whitepaper put forth by the Consumer Federation of America.

And here are some other tidbits compiled by The Real Estate Savings Center and Shelby Majors, an Accredited Buyer Representative with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in Fort Collins, CO.

ACCREDITED BUYER REPRESENTATIVES “One credential to look for is the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) the designation from the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council…”
…Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine

WORK WITH AN ALLYNormally, real estate agents are legally bound to work on behalf of the seller to land the highest price. But you can choose instead to work with an agent accredited to represent the buyer; in this case, the legal obligation is reversed and the broker is compelled to use her understanding of the seller and the property to extract the lower price on your behalf.” …Money Magazine

“Buyer-brokers have emerged as an alternative to an agent representing a seller.” “Look for buyer-brokers who have an Accredited Buyer’s Representative designation.”
…Investors Business Daily

” If you’re about to start shopping for a house, be sure you know whether your agent is really working for you or the seller.”
…Consumer Reports

“Buyers Brokers: agents that buyers can call their own.”
“Buyers no longer have to fend for themselves.”.
...U.S. News & World Report

“Agents: How to hire one for your side.”
“Most agents who show you homes don’t represent your interests.”

“A buyer’s broker, representing only the buyer, may
be able to secure a better price and better terms.”
…Good Housekeeping

“The rise of the buyer’s broker means that you can
be assured an agent will be on your side.”
…Jean Chatzky, editor at Money magazine, Today Show

“”To Buyers: If you want representation, work with a buyer broker. They are legally obligated to represent your interests in any negotiations with sellers.”
...The Consumer Federation of America

Groups such as the Consumer Federation of American and AARP recommend using buyer’s agents.
…Smart Money Magazine